21 days safari of Namibia

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21 Day Safari of Namibia

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21 Day Custom Safari and Sightseeing Tour of Namibia

All pictures below can be clicked to open at full size in a new window.  Alternatively, the entire album can be viewed here.

Day 1

Pick up was from Hosea Kutako Airport (Windhoek International) and, after greetings and formalities, we departed for the Namib Nauklauft Park.

The drive was approximately 3 1/2 hours to get there through the eastern side of the Khomas Hockland area giving a glimpse of the outstanding scenery yet to come.  Our first animals were viewed from the side of the road (Blesbok) although we could not stop on the main roads.

Nauklauft Park CampThe bulk of the drive was on gravel roads, after we turned off the main road.  Generally, the gravel roads in Namibia are excellent although we did find many in poor condition.

On arrival at the Nauklauft Park, we checked in, erected the tents and settled down for some dinner and a quick look around the campsite.  The stars came out after sunset to give us a wonderful light show.  Baboons could be heard throughout the night.

Day 2

Rock Hyrax or DassieDuring the night there was a very light rain shower lasting all of about 15 seconds!  After breakfast, we geared up and headed out on a nature hike through the Nauklauft mountains.

At the start of the route we came across a few Rock Hyraxes (Rock Dassie) playing in the reeds.  Further on we saw plenty of evidence of baboons.

Nauklauft ParkThe scenery during the walk was stunning and another animal, a Klipspringer, was added to the animal count.

Baboons raiding the binsOn arrival back at the camp, baboons were visible throughout the campsite, even breaking into cars.

We set about making food only for a large male baboon to rob us of an entire loaf of bread!

Day 3

Gemsbok (Oryx)After breakfast, we packed up and headed to our next site, Sesrium Campsite.  On route we saw our first Gemsbok (Oryx).

Sesrim CanyonAt Sesrium we set up camp, had lunch then headed for Sesrium Canyon.  After a most enjoyable exploration of the Canyon, we drove a short distance on the road down to Sossusvlei. 

A warthog, jackal, ostrich and springbok were added to the animal count.



WarthogSossusvlei Heritage SiteOstrich and GemsbokSpringbok



Day 4

Dune 45DeadvleiWith the wind blowing hard, we drove down to Dune 45 to see the sunrise for the start to the day.

This was followed by a leisurely walk along to Deadvlei. 


GemsbokSossusvlei and !Narravlei were all visited also.  We stopped by the Fairy Circles and then onto Elim Dune to see the lizards and many more Gemsbok.

Gemsbok we found everywhere in abundance.


Day 5

Tropic of Capricorn

After breakfast we packed up camp ready for the long drive north from Sesrium to Walvis Bay  The route crosses into the Tropic of Capricorn.

Kuiseb CanyonFurther on we travelled through the Kuseb Canyon and into the Namib Desert proper.

On route we saw plenty of Hartman's (Mountain) Zebra off in the distance as well as yet more Gemsbok and more Springbok.


FlamingosOn arrival at Walvis Bay, we headed straight down to the lagoon to see the Flamingos and Pelicans as well as a vast array of various sea birds.

Swakopmund was passed on route to Henties Bay giving us a chance to see the architecture of the old German buildings in Swakopmund.

Day 6

Messum CraterOverhang near Messum CraterWe drove up the Skeleton Coast, past the salt mines and entered the Messum Crater.  An enjoyable drive around the massive crater taking in the scenery and fauna of the desert including the Welwitchia plants.

Joining us today was my nine year old son, Ewan who insisted on sampling the desert melons. That's the last time he will do that!

Cape Fur Seals at Cape CrossAfter the crater we stopped at the beach for lunch then drove down to Cape Cross to visit the largest Cape Fur Seal Colony in the world.

There are thousands of seals that congregate here to breed and raise their pups.

On the way home we made a brief stop to see the salt crystals and the salt pond.

Day 7Henties Bay

A day spent exploring the local beaches and the town.



Day 8

Burnt Mountain at TwyfelfonteinA drive inland and north, through the small town of Uis and up towards Twyfelfontein. 

We went straight into Twyfelfontein and marvelled at the ancient Damara paintings on the rocks as well as getting a very goodOrgan Pipes description of the entire area from the local guide. 

After Twyfelfontein, we visited the Burnt Mountains and the Organ Pipes before heading to the rustic campsite of Aabadi.

Day 9

Damara's DancingThe pool at OtjitotongweIn the morning we visited a Damara Living Museum and were treated to cultural dancing as well as learning about the Damara people of Namibia.  A drive northwards took us to Otjitotongwe, the next stop.

A quick dip in the pool (much needed in the heat) and a marvellous trip to visit the cheetahs.  After a stroke of the tame cheetahs, we were taken out to see the wild cheetahs being fed.





Day 10

GrootburgA short drive west saw us at the Grootburg Campsite.  Another dip in the pool was followed by a late afternoon drive. 

Giraffes were seen at the side of the road along with more Gemsbok, Springbok and yet more baboons. 

The local Damara children put on an evening show for us.

Day 11

Galton Gate, Etosha National ParkZebrasAn early morning start as we headed for Etosha National Park. 

After sorting out the entry permits, we entered the park and headed for the first waterhole seeing plenty of animals on route.

ElephantsLionsAt the waterhole were many elephants and 4 female lions at the rear of the waterhole.  What a start!

Lots more animals were encountered throughout the day including giraffe, mountain and plains zebras, kudus, steenbok, duikers, springbok and plenty more gemsbok. 

On arrival at Olifanstrus Campsite, we set up and, after dinner, went and spent the evening at the waterhole seeing a large male black rhino and, later, a black rhino female and calf spent over an hour at the waterhole.  The water itself was filled with terrapins.

Day 12

Vultures and OstrichesA drive along the western part of Etosha National Park heading for Okaquejo. We made a point of visiting every waterhole on route and were rewarded with plenty of game viewing and lots more elephants.

Rhino and Elephant at Okaquejo WaterholeWe tried to stop at the rest stop near Spokkies Wood but it was full of bees so a quick exit was made.

Overnight was spent at Okaquejo were we were treated to 10 black rhinos visiting the waterhole ranging from small calves to big males.  A big bull elephant came and posed for a bit too.

Day 13

Male LionNebrowni WaterholeThe day was spent exploring the area between Okaquejo and Halali were plenty more game and multiple elephants were seen.  A large male lion was seen at Nebrowni waterhole along with two young male elephants.  Three female lions were found near to Olifantsbad (which was full of elephants!).  Rietfontein was checked out and a white rhino seen.  At Halali, the honey badgers made themselves busy around the campsites.  The waterhole provided more rhinos, plenty more elephants and nine hyenas.  Highlight of the evening was a young bull elephant chasing the hyenas and even trumpeting to clear them out.

Day 14

White RhinoGoas WaterholeThe eastern part of the park was explored between Halali and Namutoni.  Goas waterhole was the star of the show with over 50 elephants, kudus, zebra, springbok, eland, impala, giraffe and a loan male lion and the obligatory gemsbok. 

Etosha Lookout was visited so we could see the vastness of the Pan.  However, the other tourists provided much of the entertainment instead of the local wildlife.  Overnight again was spent at Halali were the honey badgers once more, came visiting.

Day 15

WaterburgCape FoxAn early morning departure meant we had the privilege of seeing a black rhino with her calf early in the morning.  Further along the road, a pair of Cape Foxes were seen.  Departing from Etosha, a fault developed with the car so a diversion was made to Tsumeb where bad fuel (presumably from one of the park pumps) was diagnosed.  A replacement of filters and a refill with clean fuel fixed the issue and we continued on to The Waterburg Plateau.

Day 16

HippoNile CrocodileThe morning was spent taking a leisurely drive down the main roads (a welcome change from all the gravel roads) down to Erindi.

After the camp was setup we checked out the waterhole seeing elephants, hippos, crocodiles as well as plenty more game.Waterbuck

Day 17

A game drive around Erindi was undertaken provided yet more excellent game viewing including being faced down by a young bull elephant.  Back at the waterhole, the hippos finally got out to give us a better view and a black rhino gave us a great sighting.  The bird life around our campsite was phenomenal.

Day 18

LeopardWe spent the morning game viewing at the waterhole. Just before lunch we took the short drive down to Dusternbrook, the oldest guest farm in Namibia.  The afternoon was spent visiting the cheetahs and then on to see the leopard.  A superb dinner was prepared by our host, Johann who, as ever, made us very welcome.

Day 19

Mountain DriveUp early and off on a mountain drive!  We left Dusternbrook at 7 and drove the magnificent mountains around the property which afford spectacular views of the surrounding area.  T

he drive is a little bumpy in places but well worth the trip.  We returned to Dusternbrook along the riverbed.  The pool and some relaxation was well received.

Day 20

Guided WalkAfter breakfast we headed off to N/a'an ku se Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary.  An afternoon guided walk saw us getting up quite close to eland, kudus and zebras.  Our guide, a SAN Bushman, was well versed in all the flora and fauna pointing out all the trees and plants as well as animal and birdlife.

Day 21

After a huge breakfast, we departed on a Carnivore Feeding Tour.  This gave us the opportunity to see some of the animals we had not yet see.  The tour takes in Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal, Wild Dogs and Baboons.

After the tour we departed for the airport and said our goodbyes.

Major Animals Seen

Blesbok,  Rock Hyrax (Dasie), Klip Springer, Baboons, Oryx, Warthog, Springbok, Ostriches, Jackal, Cape Fur Seals, Mountain (Hartman's) Zebra, Giraffe, Tree Squirrel, Damara Dik-Dik, Duiker, Steenbok, Cheetahs, Plains (Burchill's) Zebra, Elephants (approx 135), Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Lions (7 female, 2 male), Black-Faced Impala, Eland, Red Hartebeest, Black Rhino (19), Hyenas, Ground Squirrel, Honey Badgers, White Rhino (1), Cape Fox, Nile Crocodile, Hippopotamus, Waterbuck, Banded Mongoose, Scrub Hare.


Too many to list but Flamingos, Pelicans, Various Vultures, Eagles, Hornbills, Parrots and lots, lots more


Total distance travelled: 4954kms.

October was chosen for this specific safari as it is usually the best time for animal viewing as the country is at its driest.  The inland temperatures were around 35-42°C every day with night time temperatures of around 15-20°C.  Apart from a few drops on the first evening, we had no rain and clear skies throughout.

This trip was carried out with the bulk being under canvas.  We carry proper beds and bedding as well as everything necessary to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

To arrange a trip like this, or customised to your requirements, please send us an email, or use the contact page, and we can arrange a safari/sightseeing tour for you.


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