Boat Fishing for sharks with Sea Ace Fishing Adventures in Namibia

Join us on a shark fishing adventure of a lifetime

Boat Fishing - Sharks

Namibia offers the best shark fishing in the world. Come try it out for yourself.

Shore Fishing

Sharks to over 400lbs from the beach, huge shoals of kabeljou and much more...

Boat Fishing

We offer a variety of boat tours on our fleet of boats...


Tigerfishing tours...

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Safaris, sightseeing tours or fishing in other countries...

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Shore Fishing

Whether it's large sharks, smaller sharks or any of the "edible" species that you want to target, Sea Ace Fishing Adventures will do everything we can to make that dream come true.

Boat Fishing

We offer various boat fishing trips for sharks and edible fish. Come join us at sea for an adventure of an lifetime.


Namibia offers some of the best tigerfishing venues in Africa.  Come tigerfishing with Sea Ace Fishing Adventures and experience the thrill of this hard fighting aggressive predator.


Boat Fishing - Sharks

Spotted Gully SharkFrom the boat we can target Bronze Whaler Sharks, Spotted Gully Sharks and Cow Sharks close in shore. Further out we can come across a number of other sharks like Blue Sharks, Makos and others.  The smaller sharks can be boated for photographs but we prefer to release larger sharks beside the boat so they swim away unharmed.  All sharks caught by us from the boat are released.

Inshore Sharks

Cow SharkClose to the shore we can target the Bronze Whaler Shark.  This strong fighting shark gives a very good account of itself and is great fun to target.  Long hard runs test tackle to the extreme.
The Seven Gilled Cow Shark is mainly found in the cooler waters of winter.  It is a  poor fighting fish although it can grow quite large.
Spotted Gully Sharks and Smoothhounds are also caught and provide great fun on lighter gear.

Offshore Sharks

Blue SharkDuring Snoek trips we often encounter Blue Sharks cruising around the shoals of fish.  These hard fighting sharks are great fun on lighter tackle.  There are many other species of shark found around Namibia such as Makos, Thresher and potentially Great Whites as well as several others. These offshore sharks can be difficult to target directly, as there is no offshore structure along the Namibian coast, although we can offer trips in search of these sharks, even for the Great Whites!

Other Boat Fishing & Tours

Boat Fishing - Kabeljou
Boat Fishing - Cape Snoek
Boat Fishing - Beach Launching

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