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Shore Fishing

Whether it's large sharks, smaller sharks or any of the "edible" species that you want to target, Sea Ace Fishing Adventures will do everything we can to make that dream come true.

Boat Fishing

We offer various boat fishing trips for sharks and edible fish. Come join us at sea for an adventure of an lifetime.


Namibia offers some of the best tigerfishing venues in Africa.  Come tigerfishing with Sea Ace Fishing Adventures and experience the thrill of this hard fighting aggressive predator.


Tigerfishing - Kavango Region

OkavangoThe Kavango region of Namibia hosts the Kavango River (later the Okavango) system which is fed by rain waters in Angola.  The Kavango forms the border between Namibia and Angola as it runs east through tDerick with a nice tigerfishhe town of Rundu then onto the edge of the Caprivi where it turns sharply south and enters northern Botswana where it empties into the Okavango Delta.

The Kavango is fed by some smaller rivers as it leads it's way down to the Delta.  One of the best hotspots on the Kavango is just over 100km east of Rundu and is around the entrance of one of these rivers, the Quito.Tigerfish

KashiraWe have exclusive use of a lodge just 2km away from the mouth of the Quito.  The lodge offers comfortable lodge accommodation or fully serviced camping.

The fishing in this area is some of the best on the whole river and many large tigerfish have been caught in this area.  Also to be found are many of the tilapia and bream species as well as the sharp-toothed catfish.


Barbel fishing at nightNembweMost of our fishing in this region is carried out by boats.  Trawling with Rapalas, casting with spoons or spinners or drift fishing with bait is how we tempt the tigerfish.

Spoons and spinners see the most Nembwe whilst bait fishing with worms catches the other bream species.

Night fishing from the banks is the best way to catch the catfish and these can grow very large.

Getting There

Clients wishing to fly in can land at Rundu airport and weSunset on the Okavango
will collect and transfer you to the lodge site.  Alternatively, you can make your own way by road or take a drive with us in air-conditioned minibuses fitted with DVD players.

We recommend at least five days at the lodge with four days fishing and one day at the local safari park.  Best times of year are April to June and September to November.  January to March sees heavy rainfall in the region and the rivers are in full flood then.  This time should be avoided if at all possible.

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