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Shore Fishing - Edibles

Namibia offers some of the best fishing in the world. Come try it out for yourself.

Shore Fishing

Sharks to over 400lbs from the beach, huge shoals of kabeljou and much more...

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Shore Fishing

Whether it's large sharks, smaller sharks or any of the "edible" species that you want to target, Sea Ace Fishing Adventures will do everything we can to make that dream come true.

Boat Fishing

We offer various boat fishing trips for sharks and edible fish. Come join us at sea for an adventure of an lifetime.


Namibia offers some of the best tigerfishing venues in Africa.  Come tigerfishing with Sea Ace Fishing Adventures and experience the thrill of this hard fighting aggressive predator.


Shore Fishing - Edible Fishing

KabeljouEdible fishing is defined as targeting those species of fish, in Namibia, that are good for eating.  Namibian waters contain huge shoals of fish in the cold, plankton rich waters.  Whilst the species list is fairly limited, the shear quantity of fish available more than makes up for this.  Although these fish are all very tasty, care should be taken to return unwanted fish so they can continue to replenish the stocks.  All edible fish in Namibia are subject to size and bag limits.


KabeljouThe kabeljou (or cob for short) is the main target to catch from the shore.  Its size ranges from around a 1kg to over 27kgs.  It mainly feeds on other fish.
Large shoals roam up and down the beaches of Namibia and can provide tremendous sport on the right tackle.  Fished for generally with baits, we do also target them with drop-shot or other artificial lures.  We have even taken them from the shore on the fly.
Kabeljou are available throughout the year but they feed heavily in October and early November, ready to go off for breeding, making these two months the best.  They usually return somewhere between February and March and again, big numbers of big fish are possible.

West Coast Steenbras

SteenbrasThe West Coast Steenbras is a hard fighting bream shaped fish that feeds on the crustaceans and small fish around sandbars and rocks.  The Steenbras gives an excellent account of itself on the right tackle and fights all the way into the shore.  The eating value of the smaller fish is tremendous but the larger ones should all be returned safely to the water.  They are found pretty much year round but the warmer waters of the late summer months seem best.


GaljoenThe Galjoen is a smaller fish rarely exceeding 3kgs in Namibia.  It is a very good fighter but tackle needs to be light and sporting to get the most from the Galjoen.  They feed around rocks and mussel beds, mainly on mussels and other small crustaceans.  These fish are highly prized for their incredible eating value.
These fish prefer moving water and can be targeted, year round, in all but the very roughest of seas.


BlacktailThe smallest of the edible fish, the Blacktail (also Dassie, Koelstert) also gives a good account of itself on light tackle.  Feeding on crustaceans and tiny fish the Blacktail can be voracious in its feeding habits.  With the exceptions of Torra and Terrace Bay, it is quite a difficult fish to target directly although when shoals are found, they can be quite vast.

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