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Join us on a shark fishing adventure of a lifetime

Shore Fishing - Sharks

Namibia offers the best shark fishing in the world. Come try it out for yourself.

Shore Fishing

Sharks to over 400lbs from the beach, huge shoals of kabeljou and much more...

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Shore Fishing

Whether it's large sharks, smaller sharks or any of the "edible" species that you want to target, Sea Ace Fishing Adventures will do everything we can to make that dream come true.

Boat Fishing

We offer various boat fishing trips for sharks and edible fish. Come join us at sea for an adventure of an lifetime.


Namibia offers some of the best tigerfishing venues in Africa.  Come tigerfishing with Sea Ace Fishing Adventures and experience the thrill of this hard fighting aggressive predator.


Shore Fishing - Shark Fishing

Bronze Whaler Shark of 192.1kgThe Bronze Whaler (also known as a Copper or Narrow-Toothed) Shark is possibly the strongest fish you could ever encounter from the beach. 
These very powerful pelagic sharks feed close to shore on smaller sharks, fish and cephalopods.  They are sleek and muscular with razor-sharp teeth designed to cut fish in half.  Namibia is the best place in the world to target Bronze Whaler Sharks. 

Ryan with a Bronzie of just over 100kgsOur shores are host to big numbers of Bronze Whaler Sharks.  Their size ranges generally from below 30kg (66lbs) to well over 180kg (396lbs) with our current "Sea Ace" record standing at a whopping 192.1kgs (423.5lbs).  The average size depends on the time of year but is generally between 60 and 120kgs. 
All Bronze Whaler Sharks are photographed, measured, tagged and then released.

Fighting a bronzieBronze Whaler Sharks test angler and tackle to the extreme.  All our tackle is chosen to be able to handle the biggest of the Bronze Whaler Sharks.  Our rods are picked to be able to cast big baits from the shore yet still subdue the sharks.  Reels, loaded with the very best braid and line on the market, have superb drag systems and the longevity to last throughout the fight. Our end tackle is tied personally by us with top quality components.  Fights have lasted well over five hours and our tackle is designed to cope with this.

Stu with a bronzie of 173kgThe best time of year for catching Bronze Whaler Sharks is between October and April with the period from mid-December to end March being best for bigger numbers of sharks being caught.  The larger Bronze Whaler Sharks are generally found towards the end of March and on into June.
Bronze Whaler Sharks can be caught at other times but are more difficult.

Robbie with a BronzieWeather and sea conditions play a large part in targeting the Bronze Whaler Shark so remember to book a sufficient period of time.  We recommend an absolute minimum of six full days fishing for sharks with ten days being better.

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