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Shore Fishing

Whether it's large sharks, smaller sharks or any of the "edible" species that you want to target, Sea Ace Fishing Adventures will do everything we can to make that dream come true.

Boat Fishing

We offer various boat fishing trips for sharks and edible fish. Come join us at sea for an adventure of an lifetime.


Namibia offers some of the best tigerfishing venues in Africa.  Come tigerfishing with Sea Ace Fishing Adventures and experience the thrill of this hard fighting aggressive predator.


Tigerfishing - Zambezi

Sunset on the ZambeziTigerfishThe mighty Zambezi river runs south from northern Zambia and meets Namibia at the end of the Caprivi Strip at Katima-Mulilo.  The Zambezi then follows the Namibia/Zambia border until it joins the Chobe river at Impalila Island.  It then turns east and shortly arrives at Victoria Falls.

There are many hippos and crocodiles in the Upper Zambezi as well as a multitude of bird species.

The Zambezi offers outstanding tigerfishing venues along its length as well as the tilapia and bream species.  The sharp-toothed catfish is also present and does get very big in the Zambezi.


John with a tigerfishMost of our fishing in this region is carried out by boats.  Trawling with Rapalas, casting with spoons or spinners or drift fishing with bait is how we tempt the tigerfish.
Spinning in front of the lodges at night, under the lights, also works very well.
Spoons and spinners see the most Nembwe whilst bait fishing with worms catches the other bream species.
Night fishing from the banks is the best way to catch the catfish and these can grow very large.


Lodges and Camp Sites
Island ViewFor lodge and base camping we make use of the best lodge on the Zambezi river.  The lodge offers fully fitted chalets or full camping facilities.  There is full bar facilities and a swimming pool.

The lodge is situated approximately 30km from Katima Mulilo and is in a quiet backwater overlooking Kalimbeza Island.  It is perfectly suited to offer a great relaxing stay and provides easy access to all the best tigerfishing sites along this stretch of the Zambezi.


We can provide full camping facilities at the lodges or out "in the wild".  When wild camping, we setup camp besides the river in hard to get areas.  This provides us the opportunity to fish areas that are some considerable distance from any of the lodges.  All camping facilities are provided for even though we are usually quite far from anywhere.


HouseboatA houseboat is provided for the trip down river and has comfortable sleeping quarters and cooking facilities.  We take along our own fishing boats and during the day, we go fish whilst the houseboat proceeds on to the next overnight spot; usually a sandbar.  This type of trip offers some stunning fishing areas and there is no rush to get back to the lodges every night.  This trip can also be extended onto the Chobe river for a wildlife tour with excellent chances of seeing many elephant, buffalo and other species.

Getting There

CampingClients wishing to fly in can land at Katima-Mulilo airport in Namibia or Kasane airport in Botswana.  We will then transfer you to the lodge site.  Alternatively, you can make your own way by road or take a drive up with us.

We recommend at least five days at the lodge with four days fishing and possibly one day at the local safari park.  A day trip to Victoria Falls is also possible.  Houseboat safaris should be a minimum of five nights to get the most from the trip.  Best times of year are April to June and September to December.  January to March sees heavy rainfall in the region and the rivers are in full flood then.  Catching tigers at this time of year is still possible but far more difficult.

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